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Powershell to test your Regexes. Previously I've always used a tool like Roy Osherove's The Regulator to play with and test my regular expressions simply to avoid writing a tiny program (even with Visual Notepad).. As great as The Regulator and it's brethren are, I just want to play with my regexes as quickly as possible Introduction to Regex in PowerShell. A regular expression is a special character combination which helps us to find different and difficult kind of data from text and any string. They can be used to search, edit, or manipulate text and data. Since PowerShell build on top of .NET, so all regex syntax of .NET supports PowerShell also

.net regex tester | replace | reference | diff checker Pattern: Text: CultureInvariant IgnoreCase Multiline Singleline RightToLeft IgnorePatternWhitespace ExplicitCapture ECMAScript. Regular expressions (regex) match and parse text. The regex language is a powerful shorthand for describing patterns. Powershell makes use of regular expressions in several ways. Sometimes it is easy to forget that these commands are using regex becuase it is so tightly integrated. You may already be using some.. Example of what I'm trying to do in PowerShell. Need digit of middle subtitution to be a variable. I.e., I'm trying to take the Test String and make one of the three Substitutions shown, depending on a condition. Regex Tester. Regex Tester isn't optimized for mobile devices yet In addition to all the above PowerShell also supports the quantifiers available in .NET regular expressions. The .Net framework uses a traditional NFA regex engine, to learn more about regular expressions look for the book Mastering Regular Expressions by Jeffrey Friedl Mere enthusiasm is the all in all. . . Regular expression tester with syntax highlighting, PHP / PCRE & JS Support, contextual help, cheat sheet, reference, and searchable community patterns. RegExr is an online tool to learn, build, & test Regular Expressions (RegEx / RegExp)

PowerShell has several operators and cmdlets that use regular expressions. You can read more about their syntax and usage at the links below. Select-String-match and -replace operators-split; switch statement with -regex option; PowerShell regular expressions are case-insensitive by default Browse other questions tagged regex powershell substring or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 284: pros and cons of the SPA. The Overflow #46: What does it mean to be a product-led company. Featured on Meta Creating new Help. Regex and PowerShell Timothy Warner Tue, Apr 3 2018 Mon, Apr 16 2018 powershell , powershell beginner 0 PowerShell implements the .NET Framework's regular expression (regex) engine and allows you to perform tightly focused string data searches Powershell - Regular Expression - A regular expression is a special sequence of characters that helps you match or find other strings or sets of strings, using a specialized syntax held in a pa Unlike in Word, Microsoft based PowerShell's RegEx implementation mostly on Perl. Thus, if you have experience with regular expressions, your learning curve in PowerShell will be relatively flat. Compared to wildcards, regular expressions are much more powerful because they are not just limited to substrings and simple placeholders

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Online regex tester, debugger with highlighting for PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript. Regular Reg Expressions Ex 101. @regex101. Donate. Sponsor. Contact. Bug Reports & Feedback. Wiki. Explanation. An explanation of your regex will be automatically. PowerShell Regex based operators There are several different operators that support the use of regex in them. For the most part, they are fairly straight forward so this will be a quick rundown on how to use each and any neat features they might have PowerShell Regex is one of the most used features of PowerShell. There is a lot of documentation available on the internet but none gives you a kick start manual like this. In this article, we will get started with PowerShell regex and how to use it.. We will also take a look at PowerShell hashtable

Windows PowerShell Regex - Regular Expressions. Typical jobs for Regex are to check for patterns and to match or replace text. It's often when numbers mix with text that confusion occurs, and then you need a PowerShell script to solve the problem RegEx for Json Find any word in a list of words Regular Expression For Decimal Validation | Taha. Cheat Sheet. Character classes. any character except newline \w \d \s: word, digit, whitespace \W \D \S: not word, digit, whitespace [abc] any of a, b, or c [^abc] not a, b, or c [a-g] character between a & g: Anchor

reg exe - Reguläre Ausdrücke online testen: Mit diesem Programm können Sie reguläre Ausdrücke (engl. regular expressions, regexp, regex) , zum Beispiel für Java oder Perl, direkt online auswerten lassen und somit interaktiv testen RegEx (Regular Expression) online tools Fab 07/03/2014 External tools , News In theoretical computer science and formal language theory, a regular expression (abbreviated regex or regexp) is a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern, mainly for use in pattern matching with strings, or string matching, i.e. find and replace-like operations Regex Tester and generator helps you to test your Regular Expression and generate regex code for JavaScript PHP Go JAVA Ruby and Python The .NET Framework's Regex Support. PowerShell is Microsoft's shell scripting language, based on the .NET framework. The .NET framework provides a solid implementation of regular expressions.You can use it directly in your PowerShell scripts with the -match and -replace operators. Or, you can instantiate System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex class to use all of .NET's regex features Regex Storm is still open source. Check out the GitHub Repo ! Regex Storm is a free tool for building and testing regular expressions on the .NET regex engine, featuring a comprehensive .NET regex tester and complete .NET regex reference

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  1. Following is the example of supported character classes in Windows PowerShell ##Format: \p{name} #Logic: Matches any character in the named character class specified by # {name}. Supported names are Unicode groups and block ranges such # as Ll, Nd, Z, IsGreek, and IsBoxDrawing
  2. Online regular expression tester (regex calculator) allows to perform various regular expression actions on the given text: . Highlight regexp - highlights parts of the text that matches the regular expression.; Extract regexp - extracts matching parts into a table with each regexp group as a column.; Replace regexp - replaces matching parts of the text with given string
  3. reg exe - online regular expressions testing: This tool makes it possible to simultaneously test a regular expression on strings (i.e. for java or perl) and to immediately view the results, including the captured elements
  4. Welcome › Forums › General PowerShell Q&A › Get-ChildItem with regular expression This topic has 5 replies, 4 voices, and was last updated 5 years, 1 month ago by Jason Wasse
  5. Even though regex has a checkered past, don't let this sway you from using it when you need to. When you need to leverage regex in PowerShell you'll be using the .NET regex engine. Each language has its own subtleties so be aware of this if you find an example regular expression on the Internet somewhere and it doesn't work how you'd expect

Simple addition works as the options are bit flags and don't overlap. Also, the first example shows that Powershell allows a string for a function parameter that expects an enumeration (value) PowerShell regex crash course - Part 5 of 5. Dr Scripto. October 28th, 2016. Summary: Thomas Rayner, Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, shows the basics of working with regular expressions in PowerShell. Hello! I'm Thomas Rayner, a proud Cloud and Datacenter Management Microsoft MVP,. But with PowerShell, there's an extra caveat: double-quoted strings use the dollar syntax for variable interpolation. Variable interpolation is done before the Regex.Replace() function (which -replace uses internally) parses the replacement text. Unlike Perl, $1 is not a magical variable in PowerShell Windows PowerShell is a powerful (no pun intended!) command line scripting language built on top of the .NET framework. Version 2.0 of Windows PowerShell comes installed by default with Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2. On older platforms, it is available via the Windows Management Framework (which incorporates Windows PowerShell, WinRM and BITS)

Here is a full text version of a PowerShell/.NET regex that works for both validation and extraction of IPv4 addresses from text, on one line for you. Remember that you may need to anchor, by putting ^ first and $ last (complete match - respectively starts with and ends with), or by putting \b on either side to match a word boundary, as I spoke about earlier in the article PowerShell Commands. We're going to use the following: Get-Content to grab the text from the source file; Select-String to regex match the content we want; ForEach-Object to iterate matches; Out-File to chuck it into a new file and most importantly, lots of | to pipe everything along the conveyor bel RegEx Mass Rename Files with PowerShell Sometimes you need to quickly do a mass rename of a large number of files in a directory. Rename a file like this: ABC_20150321124112_1801.xml to a filename like this: XYZ_201503211241.xm Regex is a really big topic, and a proper Intro to regex post series could probably be broken into five parts on its own. This, however, isn't an introduction to regex series, it's a regex crash course. If you've dabbled in PowerShell before, you've probably already used rudimentary regex, maybe without even realizing it SIP Tester client is a sample PowerShell script that you can use to test Direct Routing Session Border Controller (SBC) connections in Microsoft Teams. This script tests basic functionality of a customer-paired Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk with Direct Routing

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  1. Welcome PowerShell User! This recipe is just one of the hundreds of useful resources contained in the Windows PowerShell Cookbook, 3rd edition. If you own the book already, here to get free, online, searchable access to the entire book's content
  2. .net regex replacement. Copy result.
  3. Hi, great regexp tester, thanks! I was trying to figure out why my matches weren't working, then I realized I was cutting and pasting text from Notepad into the Pattern section which includes a newline. Since my input didn't include a newline, the match failed
  4. I'm struggling to achieve same using REGEX in powershell. String ='Total Facility A Commitments means the aggregate of the Facility A Commitments, being £2,500,000 at the date of this Agreement
  5. VBScript RegExp Example: Regular Expression Tester. Feel free to test VBScript's RegExp support right here in your browser. The example will only work in Internet Explorer 5.5 or later. Since this tester is implemented in VBScript, it will reflect the features and limitations of VBScript and your version of Internet Explorer

Regex Tester. This is a tool for testing regular expressions in Visual Studio 2019. The tool simple and easy to use, the processing occurs in a background thread. You can use the Shift+Alt+R shortcut to show tool or open menu View -> Other Windows -> Regex Tester. This is open source project and source codes are available on GitHub The Online .NET Regex Tester. Regex Hero runs the .NET Regex class library directly. And of course we all want our regular expressions evaluated in real-time. Silverlight provides the best method of pulling this off in the browser. Please wait while Regex Hero loads.. Windows PowerShell utilise les expressions régulières (RegEx) pour déterminer si une chaine de caractères est conforme au format définit par l'expression régulière. Pour comparer une chaine de caractères avec une RegEx, Windows PowerShell utilise -match -notmatch, -cmatch, -notcmatch I am working on a PowerShell script. I have a string where I need to match every character in that string before the first delimiter / There are multiple / in the string, I just need whatever text is before the first delimiter. I would imagine this is possible in Regex. My GoogleFu is failing today on this one. I thought i had a script with a regex similar to what I need, but i could not find it Test your regex by visualizing it with a live editor. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE

Posted in powershell | Tagged Powershell, regex, Regular Expressions, string | 9 Comments. Creating a Report of Log File Data using Regular Expressions, Arrays and Hash Table. Posted on February 24, 2011 by Boe Prox Since this tester is implemented in JavaScript, it will reflect the features and limitations of your web browser's JavaScript implementation. If you're looking for a general-purpose regular expression tester supporting a variety of regex flavors, grab yourself a copy of RegexBuddy. Learn how to use the JavaScript RegExp object

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  1. Regex has a reputation for being difficult and confusing, but it really isn't so bad when you get used to it. The biggest contributors to Regex's reputation are: Regex uses its own set of symbols, from PowerShell we need to generate plain-text Regex strings and send them into the parser
  2. s, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials . Regular Expressions is often referred to as wizardry or magic and for that reason I stayed away from it for most of my career
  3. regex tester free download. .Net Regex Tester A simple tool to test your .Net Regex expressions. If you just want a simple tool this is for you
  4. I borrowed the algorithm to create the regex from the Perl module Regexp::IPv6 and ported the code to PowerShell, to produce a .NET-compatible regular expression for validating IPv6 addresses according to the RFC 2373 standard.. I have verified that the regex the (slightly modified) Perl code produces, and the regex my PowerShell code produces are in fact equal - and I see no features used.
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PowerShell Tip - Escape Regex MetaCharacters 2014/09/28 | 1 minute read | Last week I worked on a Scorch PowerShell script that is looking for duplicate Incident Requests inside SCSM by checking new incoming request and existing ticket already in the system Rubular is a Ruby-based regular expression editor. It's a handy way to test regular expressions as you write them. To start, enter a regular expression and a test string PowerShell Regular Expression (regex) is a sequence of characters, or a pattern, to help you match or find text using a special syntax. It can be made up of characters, operators, and other constructs to help you search, edit, or manipulate text and data A place to learn about PowerShell and share stories of automation. RegEx Archives | Scripting Blog. PowerTip: Use a regular expression pattern to remove nonalphabetic characters. Doctor Scripto April 15, 2016 Apr 15, 2016 04/15/16 The tables below are a reference to basic regex. While reading the rest of the site, when in doubt, you can always come back and look here. (It you want a bookmark, here's a direct link to the regex reference tables).I encourage you to print the tables so you have a cheat sheet on your desk for quick reference

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  1. PowerShell regex crash course - Part 2 of 5. Dr Scripto. October 7th, 2016. Summary: Thomas Rayner, Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, shows the basics of working with regular expressions in PowerShell. Hello
  2. See also my related blog on Powershell Regex and the objects that it returns (below). Related posts: C# EDI Parser - Using RegEx Capture to Xref PO to Filename ; Powershell Tricks And Simple Problems With Regex -matches ; Capturing Text using RegEx in Powershell
  3. Welcome › Forums › General PowerShell Q&A › Select-string, regex for stuff in quotes, tostring? This topic has 0 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 8 years, 10 months ago by Forums Archives

What PowerShell's regex does is refine 'all' so that you can filter a sub-set of data into the output. It's defining the subset that makes regex so potent, yet so difficult to control unless you are an expert in its logic and its syntax Welcome to RegExLib.com, the Internet's first Regular Expression Library.Currently we have indexed 24950 expressions from 2932 contributors around the world. We hope you'll find this site useful and come back whenever you need help writing an expression, you're looking for an expression for a particular task, or are ready to contribute new expressions you've just figured out In diesem Video schauen wir uns an wie man so einen RegEx Ausdruck erstellt anhand von ein paar Beispielen, die ich dir mitgebe. Hier der Code aus dem Youtube-Video. Die Vorgehensweise und Bemerkungen findest du direkt als Kommentare (#Grün) im Code. So wird er dir ebenfalls in der PowerSHELL ISE angezeigt werden For the start you could either try to find something in the Powershell-Gallery or in the MS Technet Gallery. Or you use the code you can find there as an inspiration for your own code. If you do not know how to start at all you should read the help (including the examples) for Get-Content , Foreach-Object , about_Comparison_Operators , about_Operators , about_if and about Regular Expressions Regex to get any text enclosed in [] Welcome › Forums › General PowerShell Q&A › Regex to get any text enclosed in [] This topic has 4 replies, 3 voices, and was last updated 4 years, 4 months ago b

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  1. Powershell - Regular Expression - Match Quantifiers - Following is the example of supported quantifiers in Windows PowerShell
  2. tester - powershell[regex]::match Regular expression matching in PowerShell (3) Is there an elegant one-liner for doing the following
  3. Powershell regex extract. Extract text from a string, Extract text from a string · regex string text powershell. How do I extract the program name from a string. The string will look like this .* should typically not be used in regular expressions, the results can be unpredictable and performance slow because it will match the entire string before backtracking to find the next pattern in.
  4. Powershell regex tester
  5. Powershell regex not match. Powershell - notMatch, Powershell - notMatch · regex powershell. I want to select from a file all the lines which do not match a specific pattern; I know I I want to select from a file all the lines which do not match a specific pattern; I know I have to use -notMatch option of select-string but I just can't figure it out how

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Powershell allows easy extraction of a substring using a RegEx mask. Home. Home. Programming & Development. PowerShell. How-tos. zer0kbps. This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional.. Regex Help I'll preface this by saying that regex is one of those monsters that I just can't get my head wrapped around. I've got a hostname that contains the model of printer in it, for example: building-room-c405.fq.d

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powershell documentation: Switch Statement with Regex Parameter. RIP Tutorial. en English (en) Français (fr) Español (es) Italiano (it) Deutsch (de) हिंदी (hi) Nederlands (nl) русский (ru) 한국어 (ko) 日本語 (ja) Polskie (pl) Svenska (sv) 中文简体 (zh-CN) 中文繁體 (zh-TW Also, powershell is case insensitive, so you don't need to specify a-zA-Z. A tighter regex would be something that says if you match ANY non (A-Z or non _ or non -), then its a bad name and should be rejected r/PowerShell: Windows PowerShell (POSH) is a command-line shell and associated scripting language created by Microsoft. Offering full access to COM Download RegEx Tester for free. With RegEx Tester you can fully develop and test your regular expression against a target text. It's UI is designed to aid you in the RegEx developing Regular expression tester. This tool is an online regex checker, it allows to easily test and debug regex. This avoids wasting time writing the few lines of code needed to do the tests. This tool also allows you to share your regular expressions, this can be useful when you want to explain one of your regex problems (or its resolution) on a.

Regular Expression Library provides a searchable database of regular expressions. Users can add, edit, rate, and test regular expressions [powershell] RE: Get-ADUser and RegEx: Orlebeck, Geoffrey Re: [powershell] RE: Get-ADUser and RegEx: Devin Rich RE: [powershell] RE: Get-ADUser and RegEx: Orlebeck, Geoffre i Hate Regex is a regex cheat sheet that also explains the commonly used expressions so that you understand it. Stop hating and start learning Regex Tester. Enter your regular expression in the text box below, then enter text you'd like to test the regular expression on in the second text box. The results will be highlighted below. Regex #### Test String #### Result ##### Regex Help Regex, also known as regular expressions, is a way of defining a text search pattern Powershell - Regular Expression - Match Characters - Following is the example of supported regular expression characters in Windows PowerShell

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PowerShell can save intermediate patterns (or parts of a regex) in variables that can later be uses in a more complex string, using standard variable expansion. Using regex 'Extended Mode' allows a regex pattern to be split across lines (and to use white space and comments) and is indicated by using '(?x)' at the beginning of the regex pattern The regular expression (regex) tester for NGINX and NGINX Plus takes the guesswork out of regexes, telling you whether a regex for a location or map block matches values as you intend. It builds the relevant configuration for you and shows the values for capture groups And to be honest, most of the time I'm trying to avoid ittrying to find a solution the PowerShell Way before trying with Regex Problem So here is what he asked: Out of the following string OU=MTL1,OU=CORP,DC=FX,DC=LAB (Which is a Distinguished Name ), he wanted to get the name MTL1 , (The site code for Montreal) Hi Venkatzeus, Here is a detailed demo about removing characters of a string using PowerShell, I would suggest you can refer: PowerShell - Remove special characters from a string using Regular Expression (Regex RegEx testen Nun können Sie natürlich nicht erst immer ein Programme schreiben, um ihren eigenen RegEx-Ausdruck zu testen. Auch ist die Eingabe und Entwicklung dieser Ausdrücke alles andere einfach und überschaubar. daher gibt es entsprechende Hilfsprogramme, welche für die die Auswertung übernehmen oder sogar grafisch die Struktur analysieren und die Zusammenstellung erlauben

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I'm pretty convinced at this point that when powershell is serializing the [regex] type it is losing the context, and not getting the actual regex pattern out of the object. I'm only assuming PS is flattening the regex object, even though the documentation indicates it takes a <regular-expression> as the right input Regex Tester. This extension is a tool for testing regular expressions in Visual Studio 2019 (see previous versions in releases). Tool simple and easy to use, the processing occurs in a background thread

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Java Regular Expression Tester. This free Java regular expression tester lets you test your regular expressions against any entry of your choice and clearly highlights all matches. It is based on the Pattern class of Java 8.0.. Consult the regular expression documentation or the regular expression solutions to common problems section of this page for examples That means OT . You can also check for \sOT and OT\s but the last one matches also NOT . So if you have only OT at the start of the line then you should use ^OT\s. That means check OT and space at the beginning of line only. You should make yourself familiar with regex usage and do some testing with these regex expressions This site allows you to check the operation of the regular expression for Java. Regular expression string specified by the TEST button is tested, I can confirm the resul Thank you very much mjolinor, greatly appreciated and is all working now, one last question, the regex seems to be matching the number 1 prior to the first proper match, I'm not good enough with regex yet to understand why

Online regex tester, debugger with highlighting for PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript. Regular Reg Expressions Ex 101 Library entries. 474. pcre. Submitted by chris mccoy - 7 years ago. regex101.com id grabber. grabs the ID for the regex101.com permalink to code. 214. pcre. Submitted by Michael. Windows PowerShell (POSH) is a command-line shell and associated scripting language created by Microsoft. Offering full access to COM, WMI and .NET, POSH is a full-featured task automation framework for distributed Microsoft platforms and solutions Regex Tester comes with most of the regular expression bits that you can use, some more complex regular expressions and descriptions for all of these. When the Regular Expression is added at the top, it will automatically highlight the matching text from the input text

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that maybe came from the body of a file, was returned by some other part of a script, etc., and you just want the portions that are actually between the quotes, the quickest and easiest way to get it is through a regular expression match PowerShell bietet mehrere Sprach­kon­strukte, die eine Verwendung von RegEx zu­lassen. Bei der syntaktischen Umsetzung orien­tierte sich Microsoft - anders als etwa bei Word - weitgehend an Perl, so dass für die meisten RegEx-erfahrenen Anwender der Lernaufwand gering bleibt With RegEx Tester, you can fully develop and test your regular expression against a target text. Its UI is designed to aid you in the RegEx development; especially the big and complex ones. It uses and supports almost ALL of the features available in the .NET RegEx class RegEx in PowerShell: Treffer in Variablen speichern mit Named Groups Wolfgang Sommergut , 08.09.2017 Tags: PowerShell , Datei-Management PowerShell erlaubt den Einsatz von regulären Ausdrücken in verschiedenen Kontexten, unter anderem mit den Operatoren match und replace I have a string like such: j o e b l o g s In between each letter of the name is one space character, but between 'joe' and 'blogs' there are two space characters. I would like to remove all the single instances of a space character, to have the results as such: joe blogs I have tried: j o · (j o e b l o g s).replace.

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Even with this volatility, however, a well-written Powershell regex program can save significant development time, and streamline both deployment and data processing operations. Written by Andrew Palczewski. About the Author Andrew Palczewski is CEO of apHarmony, a Chicago software development company Online regex tester, debugger with highlighting for PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript. Regular Reg Expressions Ex 101 Library entries. 0. python. Submitted by anonymous - 17 hours ago. IP Address. no description available. 0. python. Submitted by anonymous - a day ago. separador de vogais e espaços. regex powershell powershell-v4. regex-group 17k . Fuente Compartir. Crear 19 jul. 14 2014-07-19 00:04:29 Frankstar. 0. Bienvenido a Stack Overflow, @Frankstar. Por favor, pon toda la información que puedas directamente en la pregunta. Obtuve la expresión regular de regex101 y la puse aquí Regex is often considered something of a black art, and not without reason. It is, arguably, the antithesis to PowerShell in terms of syntax. It's terse, unforgiving, and difficult to get meaningful debug data out of. However, sometimes you just have to parse text, and there often is no better tool than some well-applied regex

Online Tester für reguläre Ausdrücke (auch bekannt als regex Rechner ) erlaubt es, verschiedene Ausdrucks Aktionen regelmäßig auf dem angegebenen Text durchführen: . Highlight regexp - hebt Teile des Textes, die den regulären Ausdruck ; Extract regexp -..Auszüge passenden Teile in eine Tabelle mit jeder regexp Gruppe als Spalt In this case, the regular expression assumes that a valid currency string does not contain group separator symbols, and that it has either no fractional digits or the number of fractional digits defined by the current culture's CurrencyDecimalDigits property.. using System; using System.Globalization; using System.Text.RegularExpressions; public class Example { public static void Main. The use of regular expressions is a valuable resource that can be used to create strings or patterns to identify chars or chains of text by including them into the scripts. There are basic. 请问如何使用powershell 在outlook中把某个用户的邮箱的邮件导出成.pst 文件 提问人 seahillpass, 6月 ago. powershell 如何将字符串编码为GBK 提问人 awang, 6月 ago. 怎么安装并使用selenium Do you need to learn all about regular expressions before using them with PowerShell? Nope. Timothy Warner, author of Sams Teach Yourself Windows PowerShell 5 in 24 Hours , doesn't waste time with boring backstory. Learn how to combine regex with your PowerShell code to jump right into performing search-and-replace operations, validation, and more

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Regexクラスを使う Powershellにはいくつかの置換方法が用意されている。 1. 文字列.Replace(old,new) 一番シンプルで高速。正規表現は使えない。 String.Replace. The regex module releases the GIL during matching on instances of the built-in (immutable) string classes, enabling other Python threads to run concurrently. It is also possible to force the regex module to release the GIL during matching by calling the matching methods with the keyword argument concurrent=True Project Status. After learning Java regex tutorial, you will be able to test your regular expressions by the Java Regex Tester Tool. $& is the overall regex match, $1 is the text matched by the first capturing group, and ${name} is the text matched by the named group name. However, JRuby plans to allows this in the near future as well

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